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I Feel Better (Now)

Well, after the trauma of last week I can say without a doubt that the last seven days have been much better. Here's a quick rundown of my patented seven step program for transformation from gloom and doom merchant into street-strutting writer in residence.

STEP 1: Go to the zoo

The photos from this highly amusing little jaunt were pretty funny (see previous post). Sure, the African animals looked out of place. Okay, the kangaroos were just lying around doing nothing. I accept also that the millions of school kids shouting "Hello!" and "Where are you going?" was a bit much to put up with. But the sight of a bear having a swim or a couple of giraffes hanging out - ah, it warms the cockles of me heart. That being said, it was difficult to decide whether the zoo was for wild animals or for the fields full of wild kids I saw during my traversal of the zoo.

STEP 2: Get invited to an art exhibition

I got the call from Moonsun at the Australian Embassy informing me of a…

Seoul Grand Park Zoo