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hear the wet kittens
mewling for their lost mother
must we eat bamboo?

Jetlag World

Wake up calm. It will be morning soon.
Hours disappear, then shatter at the
Sound of a phone call (wrong number).
Your mobile bleats when it’s time to
Change the battery, in that awfully
Disconnected voice that’s had reverb
Added to it, in the room where you
Remain alone. Eat a mandarin. That’s
Better. No use trying to go back to
Sleep. You've deposited enough hours
In that bank to fund your hibernation,
This winter, when it comes. It will.
Television wakes you again. When did
You switch it on anyway? Consenting
Adults. Leave the room. Be sure to
Wrap yourself in warm clothes, for
It is cold this morning. The Minimart’s
Always open. Buy cans of cold coffee.
Sit outside and watch the businessmen
Leaving their apartments, mp3 players
Already fitted, a soundtrack you can’t
Hear jettisons them towards offices
That are already lit. Return to your
Room and watch television again. It’s
Samuel L. Jackson in a kilt. Leave the
Mandarins where they are. Shower.
Catch the subway. The morning mist
Has not yet c…

Teaching in Korea ...

[This is the full text of an article due to appear in the National Tertiary Education Union's publication Advocate early next year]

In August this year I travelled to the Republic of Korea this year as an Asialink resident to teach at Sogang University in Seoul. While I have some teaching experience in Australia and oodles of time notched up as a performance poet, this was to be my first stint as a lecturer in any country. It would also be my first experience of a long-term stay overseas. I could not have asked for a more diverse and energetic city to teach in.

The population of Seoul’s greater metropolitan area is approximately the same as the whole of Australia and it is rightly known as one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Indeed, “dynamic” is a word that you hear often in Korea. Since the devastation of the Korean War (in which most of the Korean peninsula was rendered uninhabitable), Seoul has transformed itself into a world city. Its subway system makes Barry Jones’ sp…

Makkolli Moon

Underneath the makkolli moon
We’ll get drunk & spit at stars
Roll cars out into roads & fight
Trespass on the night’s property

Underneath the makkolli moon
We’ll fall in love & then forget
Throw bottles at the alley cats
Invade Poland, or whistle tunes

Underneath the makkolli moon
We’ll wind our frozen watches
Shout obscenities at a shadow
Boil milk from subway sparks

Underneath the makkolli moon
We’ll step on broken glasses
Make pain from frozen garbage
Shatter poems with two sighs

Underneath the makkolli moon
We’ll murder all our tomorrows
Draw moustaches on our heroes
Drown punches in tears of milk

Underneath the makkolli moon
We’ll create a visible canvas
Spraying slogans on ourselves
Running away from the fires

Underneath the makkolli moon
We’ll pretend we never existed
Smile at liquid breaths of dawn
Edit our own white footprints